Driving change to improve business results !

At AddValue we're passionate about helping our clients drive the necessary changes to achieve better results.  Improve the way they 'Go2Market' to optimize customer experiences,  exceed customer satisfaction and win/retain more customers !

With our vast experience in business/brand development, sales & marketing at international level across various sectors we evaluate and redefine where needed the organization's current & future 'Go2Market' strategy, the related organization and its implementation.

We look at it from your client's perspective !  And help develop internal and external programs to motivate your staff and improve customer experiences across their journey at every touch point. We partner with InMoment, leading provider of integrated CX programs to enable our clients not only to monitor but also to understand and improve the experiences of their customers.

Every customer experience matters to grow your business !



Go2Market strategy to win and retain customers

Positive customer experiences help not only to increase employee engagement and customer loyalty, they also help drive brand advocacy and ultimately win more business !

6 Steps Go2Market process

Bringing an organization's brand, its products & services successfully on the market ideally requires a thorough process which needs constant evaluation and improvement.  At AddValue we've summarized that process in 6 distinct steps which we review and redefine with our clients as needed.


InMoment integrated CX platform 2.0

With the InMoment Experience platform 2.0, organizations can not only collect important customer feedback from every touchpoint across all channels, but also extract in real time through advanced analytics business-critical insights, then share those immediately across the organization to improve the future customer experiences !


The best way to improve is to know where you currently are ! We usually start with an assessment about how employees and clients perceive your brand and the services of your organization across the various touch points.


The more specific the organization's objectives, the clearer they are for the employees and the existing and future clients.  We help define or redefine the organization's brand promise, and (re-)define a clear Go2Market strategy which reflects those key business objectives.


Together with our clients we agree the right priorities and programs that will help improve customer experiences and grow the business.  Possibly redefine the organization to enable the organization to achieve its business objectives.