InMoment Voice of Customers/CX platform 2.0

Your customers are the reason you’re in business and they have more options than ever, so it only makes sense to take their opinions seriously !  With the CX platform of InMoment you can listen to, understand and share your customers’ stories with the right people in the organization at the right time.  And the more richer insights you uncover, the better business decisions you can take.

Click here to view a short 3′ animation of the InMoment Experience Platform.


How you listen really does matter !

We’ll help you engage with your customers and employees to share their experiences through whatever channel they prefer – from voice or written comments to even video.  So you get richer and more actionable customer insights to manage your business. Click here to view our unique ‘active listening’ survey methodology.


Insights are essential !

Customer & employee relationships generate massive amounts of data. Through skillful integration with other relevant data sets, advanced analytics and human intelligence, InMoment transforms that information through text analytics in real-time into revenue- and relationship-enhancing insights for every area of your enterprise.


Action accelerates change !

With the right insights people can take action. From real-time alerts & personalized coaching, location-specific recommendations and strategic overviews, your teams know exactly what to do to close the loop and accelerate the right improvements across your business. Click here to get an impression of our user-friendly and action-oriented executive dashboards.

From actionable customer insights to critical business improvements in real time.

By listening to, understanding, and sharing your customers’ stories with the right people in the organization at the right time, you uncover richer insights that drive better business outcomes.


You’d like a demo of our CX platform ?

The InMoment CX Platform is already being used by over 400 leading brands in various sectors across 100+ countries around the world. Also in the Europe and the Benelux.  If you’re interested in a demo, simply get in touch…

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